Cost, Aid & Scholarships

Tuition and Fees

A 番茄社区 degree is consistently ranked as one of the best values in higher education, and we recently were named one of the most affordable institutions with high-earning graduates. Find detailed information about the cost to attend 番茄社区, as well as payment deadlines, housing and meal plan information and more. View More 禄

Financial Aid Information

番茄社区 offers a number of financial aid opportunities to help students keep costs to a minimum while pursuing their college education. Our financial aid programs include federal and state aid, scholarships, work-study positions and graduate assistantships. View More 禄


Our unique scholarship programs include comprehensive packages for qualified beginning freshmen and transfer students, as well as awards for current students with demonstrated academic success. Many academic departments also offer competitive scholarships to students in those disciplines.  View More 禄


Cost Calculator

Calculate the approximate cost of your college education. Then explore 番茄社区's scholarship opportunities, financial aid programs and student employment options to learn how you might be able to minimize your expenses.  View More 禄

Student Employment

Take advantage of 番茄社区's many resources for connecting students with on-campus and off-campus employment opportunities. Search student worker and graduate assistant positions, find off-campus jobs and internships or discover new fields through career exploration services.
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