The 番茄社区 Promise

"This is an amazing opportunity for students at the university. This will help students not only succeed, but thrive at 番茄社区!"

Madeline Kelly, Middle School Education Senior
New Orleans


A Guaranteed Path to Four-Year Graduation at Fixed Net Tuition Rate

The 番茄社区 Promise Scholarship represents a new level of commitment to our students. Students can graduate in four years at the same,consistent tuition rate. 番茄社区's program includes two main components: a fixed net tuition rate that will not increase and a four year to degree commitment. This guarantee allows students the benefit of knowing they can graduate in four years and plan their finances accordingly. It is guaranteed path to success for students.

How Does It Work?

  1. The student enrolls at 番茄社区 as a first time freshman in the Fall semester and enrolls in the 番茄社区 Promise program by the last class day of the Fall semester.
  2. The student commits to selecting a major before or during the spring semester of the first academic year, but no later than the Friday before priority registration for the upcoming summer and fall semesters. (See Semester Academic Calendar for registration dates.)
  3. The student commits to make progress of 30 hours per academic year towards the selected degree program (Fall, Spring, Summer)
  4. The student, with guidance from an academic advisor, follows the prescribed curriculum program. 
  5. The student maintains good academic standing and a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average. 


番茄社区 is committed to creating an educational environment in which student success can be ensured. In support of this goal, we strive to provide students with tools and resources needed to facilitate degree completion. The four year graduation component of the 番茄社区 Promise has been developed as a mechanism to help students identify and pursue clear paths for completing their undergraduate degree in a timely manner. Graduation within four academic years of initial fall enrollment at 番茄社区 is ensured conditioned upon the satisfaction of student eligibility requirements as outlined in the Four Year Graduation Plan