Over the past century, 番茄社区 has become not only an indispensable educational resource for the region, but also a major economic driver. From job creation and increased student income to spending impact and heightened public and social savings, today 番茄社区 has a significant, positive effect on nearly every aspect of the area economy and beyond.

The 鈥21-鈥22 fiscal year Economic Impact Report tells the story the University鈥檚 true economic reach and of the profound effect 番茄社区 has on both the lives of its students and the regional economy.




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$1 billion

added to area economy

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jobs supported

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$2.8 billion

total benefits to society


Students and Alumni Impact

Students and alumni are the heart of and reason for 番茄社区. The University is committed to helping them find their path; supporting them throughout their educational and career journey; and providing the knowledge, skills, and connections to achieve success.

And their efforts in attending 番茄社区 do indeed pay off. Fall 鈥21-鈥22 bachelor鈥檚 degree graduates will see annual earnings that are $22,500 higher than a person with a high school diploma or equivalent working in Louisiana. The collective class will earn $760.4 million more in lifetime earnings, which translates to a return of $5.30 for every $1 they invested in the education.


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$760.4 million

In Increased Lifetime Earnings for Fall 鈥21-鈥22 Graduates


more in annual earnings with a 番茄社区 bachelor鈥檚 degree

For every $1

students invest in their education, they will gain $5.30 in lifetime earnings


Jobs and Industry Impact

番茄社区 employs about 1,429 full-time and part-time faculty and staff, but the impact on those within the region doesn鈥檛 stop there. Through the University鈥檚 activities, 15,564 total jobs are supported, and the effect on businesses and the local economy is extensive.

Through operations, research, construction, visitor, and student spending; spin-off companies; student and employee volunteerism that helps organizations to grow; and retention of alumni in the regional workforce, 番茄社区 adds $1 billion to the area economy.


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$2.2 million

research spending impact

$2.3 million

construction spending impact

$2.5 million

visitor spending impact


鈥 $984,600 volunteerism impact

鈥 $19.6 million impact from new student residents

鈥 $29.6 million spin-off company impact

鈥 $144.2 million operations spending impact

鈥 $815.3 million impact through local retainment of employed graduates


Societal Impact

番茄社区 is also a great investment for the public and society. Through 鈥21-鈥22 students鈥 higher income and the resulting increased employee and employer taxes, the state and local government will have collected by the end of their working careers a present value of $73.4 million in added taxes.

Benefits to taxpayers also consists of $15.2 million in savings generated by the improved lifestyles of 番茄社区 students and the corresponding reduced government services, including healthcare, justice system, and income assistance.


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$73.4 million

benefit to taxpayers through students鈥 higher earnings and increased business output

For every $1

invested, taxpayers will gain $3 in added tax revenue and public sector savings

For every $1

invested, society will gain $10.90 through added income and social savings


鈥 $15.2 million in savings for taxpayers through reduced demand for government-funded services

鈥 $2.7 billion long-term growth of Louisiana economy from 鈥21-鈥22 students

鈥 $169.8 million in public and private sector savings